7 Best AI Softwares for Book and Story Writing in 2023

Artificial intelligence is a concept that has been around for decades, but only now are we seeing it make an impact on the world. This is due to the fact that computers have begun to learn and make decisions just like humans do.

Artificial intelligence software can be used in many different ways, but one of the most common uses is in writing books, stories and novels. Some writers use AI software as a tool to help them write faster, while others use it because they believe it will make their work better.

This article will explore some of the best AI softwares for book, novel and story writing so that you can decide which one is right for you.



CopyAI is a fully automated AI software that can write your novel or story. It is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence based software that helps you write your books in minutes, not in weeks.

CopyAI helps you create content for your novels or stories; it works as a personal writing assistant who will help you write your story by providing you with ideas and suggestions. CopyAI can be used by anyone who wants to create their own novels without having to spend hours on research and writing. The AI does all the hard work for you, so you can focus on other aspects of your book such as editing and publishing. You can also use it for any kind of content creation like blog posts, articles, etc…


  • CopyAI can copy text from any website or documents, even from PDFs and screenshots.
  • It can be used as a desktop application or as a browser extension.
  • CopyAI doesn’t require any programming skills or knowledge of coding languages to use it. You just have to enter the URL of the source text and choose the desired language, and the program will copy everything you need in no time!
  • CopyAI uses artificial intelligence to identify sentences, paragraphs, lists and other elements of content on the page that you want to copy and select them for copying.


The CopyAI website offers a free plan (with 2000 words per month) and an $36 per month plan for unlimited usage. The premium plan comes with an additional feature called “Blog Wizard tool”.


I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for Copy AI to be a very helpful tool for novelists, creative writers and authors in general. Writing a novel can be long and tedious work but with the help of this software, you can have your book written in a matter of weeks.



Sudowrite is a software that allows you to write on your computer and then print it out on a typewriter-like device. The program works similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Word except that it uses typewriter-like keys instead of a keyboard.

The program has a lot of features like spell check, the ability to change font size and type, and even track word count. It also has an option where you can highlight text and make notes on it so that you can go back later and see what changes you made or why you highlighted something in the first place.


  • It creates a plot based on your ideas.
  • It suggests characters that fit the plot suggested by the writer.
  • It gives suggestions on how to develop the plot further using character relationships and interactions.
  • The writer can choose between different genres and subgenres, such as romance, horror, science fiction and thriller among others.

Here are some of the additional features of Sudowrite AI tool:

Advanced Editor

Sudowrite AI writing tool has an advanced editor which allows you to write your story in a very quick way. You can also use it to edit your existing work. The editor has many features like spell checker, dictionary, auto-capitalization, auto-completion etc.

Auto-complete feature

This feature allows you to write faster by completing words in sentences automatically while typing. It saves time while typing long words and phrases in your story or novel by suggesting complete words as you type them.


This feature automatically capitalizes the first letter of each sentence while you are typing. This is a very useful feature as it saves your time and effort while writing long stories or novels.

Auto-spell checker

This feature automatically checks your work for spelling errors and suggests corrections. The auto-spell checker also has a dictionary that allows you to look up any word in the story or novel. This feature is very useful as it saves time while editing existing work.


Sudowrite offers three pricing options for AI-powered text generation: Hobby & Student, Professional, and Max.

The Hobby & Student plan costs $10 per month and includes 30,000 AI words per month, suitable for short stories, blog posts, or essays.

The Professional plan costs $20 per month and includes 90,000 AI words per month, suitable for longer works like a novel or screenplay.

The Max plan costs $100 per month and includes 300,000 AI words per month, suitable for those looking to integrate AI deeply into their writing process.

All plans offer a free trial with no credit card required and the option to cancel at any time.


Sudowrite is designed for people who have never written a book and have no idea where to start. It will guide users step-by-step throughout the whole process of writing their first book and following the main stages of writing: inspiration, planning, drafting and publishing. This innovative tool can help its users deal with complex processes that go further than they might expect. After all, the AI is reliable, efficient and above all – helpful.



Rytr.me is a freemium AI writing tool that helps you write better stories by analyzing your writing and giving suggestions on how to improve it. It also has an auto-complete feature that suggests words, phrases, and ideas as you type. Rytr.me aims to help authors create more compelling stories by helping them analyze their writing and providing them with feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their stories.

The program can be used by both amateur writers who are just starting out in their careers as well as professional writers who want to hone their skills and become better at what they do. It provides real-time feedback on how your story is doing based on its various metrics like readability level, sentiment analysis, grammar mistakes, etc., which makes it easier for users to understand what areas they should focus on improving in order to make their stories more engaging for readers.


  • The ability to create stories in any language with artificial intelligence powered by neural networks.
  • An intelligent word generator that understands your writing style and provides you with personalized suggestions for better writing.
  • A spell checker that will help you fix all spelling mistakes and grammar errors before publishing your story on your website or blog.
  • The ability to create a backup of your stories in case they are lost due to some technical issue. -A plagiarism checker that will help you identify if any of the content on your website is copied from another source.
  • An artificial intelligence-powered plagiarism checker that will find all duplicate content on the internet and let you know which parts of your story are similar to someone else’s work. -A tool for editing stories that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Rytr offers three different pricing plans for its users: Free, Saver, and Unlimited. The Free plan allows users to generate up to 10k characters per month, access 40+ use-cases, write in 30+ languages, access 20+ tones, and use the built-in plagiarism checker.

Additionally, users can generate up to 5 images per month with AI and have access to the premium community.

The Saver plan offers an increased character generation limit of 100k per month and access to up to 20 images per month with AI. This plan also includes the ability to create your own custom use-case. The Saver plan is available for $9/month or $90/year.

The Unlimited plan offers unlimited character generation per month, access to 100 images per month with AI, a dedicated account manager, and priority email and chat support. This plan is available for $29/month or $290/year.


Rytr.me has already been used to write hundreds of novels and keep adding new features. You can publish books on kindle, upload on many services like Apple bookstore, Google Play, Kobo, Flipkart, Smashwords and many other stores around the world. It is also possible to self publish your book with their DIY publishing tool called <Publish>. It is easy to use as you upload a document and then add chapters then use its editing tools to make changes or use the AI writer to write.



Frase.io writer is a simple and easy-to-use application that can help you write your novel or story in the easiest way possible. It has a beautiful interface and it can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. The app has a clean background that allows you to focus on writing without distractions.

You can create as many documents as you want without having any problem with saving them, because this software supports multiple files at once. You can also organize them according to their types or dates of creation, so finding one is easier than ever before.

The best thing about Frase.io writer is that there are no limits on the number of words or pages that you can write per day, which makes it perfect for those who like long novels or short stories but don’t want to spend hours doing it every day!


Frase.io writer key features:

  • Fully automated story generation
  • Random character names and descriptions
  • Random setting, plot and events
  • The ability to change genre, plot type, main character and more!


Frase.io has three pricing plans: Solo ($12.66/mo paid annually), Basic ($38.25/mo paid annually), and Team ($97.75/mo paid annually).

The Solo plan offers 1 user seat, 4 articles/month for writing and optimization, and 4,000 AI words/month.

The Basic plan provides 1 user seat, 30 articles/month for writing and optimization, and 4,000 AI words/month.

The Team plan includes 3 user seats and unlimited articles for writing and optimization, with additional seats costing $25 each, and 4,000 AI words/month.


I would recommend to try Frase.io because it can save you time, save you money and bring a real book or novel writer to your hands with no need to hire one or search for the best writer. This can be the future.

Novel AI


Novel AI tool is an AI-powered software that helps you write a story in the easiest way. It automatically generates your novel. You just need to choose the genre and select some settings, then Novel AI will do everything for you.

Novel AI has three major modules:

  • Story Builder
  • Book Builder
  • Book Organizer


If you are looking for a tool that can help you write better, this might be it. Here are the top features of Novel AI:

  • Generates a story in the genre you choose
  • Helps you create characters and plotlines from scratch
  • Creates an outline automatically
  • Builds a plotline based on your character’s choices
  • Create scenes based on what has been written so far


Novel AI offers four pricing plans for its users: Paper, Tablet, Scroll and Opus.

The Paper plan is free and comes with a free trial that gives access to the AI storyteller Euterpe and 100 free text generations. It also comes with 100 free AI TTS generations and 2048 tokens of memory.

The Tablet plan, costing $10 per month, offers unlimited text generations and 1024 tokens of memory. It also includes advanced AI TTS and image generation.

The Scroll plan, costing $15 per month, is the best value with 2048 tokens of memory and the same extra goodies as the Tablet plan.

The Opus plan, costing $25 per month, offers access to the best AI storyteller Krake, unlimited text generations and 2048 tokens of memory. It also includes 10,000 Anlas, experimental features, advanced AI TTS, and unlimited image generations.


Overall, Novel AI is a good tool that has room to grow. It can provide plenty of insights into your novel, including character and language analysis as well as story pacing. I recommend giving it a try.

AI Dungeon


AI Dungeon is a story generator for writers, by writers. It’s an AI-powered platform that helps users generate ideas for their next stories. The tool allows the user to select from different themes (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) and then creates an outline structure for them.

The AI Dungeon platform has been designed by writers for writers. It gives you a good idea of how to write a story using Artificial intelligence technology. You can also learn how to write better stories by using AI Dungeon platform.


The following are some of the top features of AI Dungeon:

  • Generate plots based on keywords
  • Generate characters based on your preferences
  • Generate an outline for your story
  • Generate a synopsis based on your story


It’s worth noting that AI Dungeon is a free-to-play game, but by becoming an AI Dungeon member, you will gain access to numerous benefits that will enhance your experience. You will have access to unlimited premium AI models, which can provide up to 4x faster AI speed and the option to utilize Hydra mode for the best AI output. You can generate images without having to purchase credits, and you will receive credits as a member bonus.

Additionally, you can save more to memory to improve AI coherence, control advanced settings, and access Voyage to discover and create more AI-driven experiences. Overall, becoming an AI Dungeon member will provide you with access to exclusive features and an improved AI experience.


I recommend that everyone try this at least once. It is an interesting exercise to come up with a continuous, coherent story on the fly; but more so, I think this game showcases the possibilities for what AI might be able to do in the future, stories or otherwise. The implications of computers creating or contributing to art or other forms of human expression is controversial, and there are cases where computers may be best suited to leave things to humans. But AI may also offer something wholly new to our world: the power to create and produce works which no individual human would ever have been able to conceive or create on their own.



SassBook is a software that helps you write a novel or a book by using artificial intelligence. It is based on three main principles:

The first principle is to help you find the story you want to tell. You can search for ideas, characters and settings with SassBook. The second principle is to help you organize your thoughts and structure them into chapters and scenes. The third principle is to help you write an original story without having to manually type everything yourself.

SassBook uses artificial intelligence to learn from your writing style and improve its own writing skills over time by analyzing your previous work. It also has a built-in dictionary that helps it understand the meaning of words in context, so that it can suggest better alternatives when necessary (such as replacing “the” with “that”).


Sassbook AI writer main features:

  • Create your own book from scratch or use one of the pre-made templates
  • Choose the genre and mood of your novel
  • Write your book using one of the pre-built templates or start from scratch
  • Edit and improve your book with all necessary elements such as plot, characters and settings


The Free plan includes 50 words per generation for AI Writer + AI Story Writer and 2.5 pages per summarization for AI Summarizer.

The Standard plan includes unlimited generations per day for AI Writer + AI Story Writer and 10 pages per summarization for AI Summarizer. This plan costs $32.5 per month, billed yearly.

The Premium plan includes unlimited generations per day for AI Writer + AI Story Writer and 20 pages per summarization for AI Summarizer. This plan costs $49.16 per month, billed yearly.

*API Credits are also included in all plans, with higher amounts for more advanced plans.


Sassbook AI Writer is a tool for the modern age, offering the advantage of an AI teaching assistant but at the same time keeping true to its roots as a simple and easy-to-use writing software. With an option to choose writing topics from different categories and plenty of prompts to keep your creative juices flowing, this app serves as a useful complement to anyone’s ghostwriting toolbox.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the question of whether computer software can replace a human novelist. It also considered the use of AI technology as a way to augment a specific area of writing. The present state of AI is such that it’s not capable of creative writing at this point. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t allow myself to hope. And at the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised if computers started to reshape the industry soon.

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