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Quickly generate text and ideas for various types of content, such as social media captions, blog outlines, and profile bios, with a simple prompt.

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Canva Magic Write is a powerful AI-powered text generation tool that helps you kickstart your creative process and generate high-quality content quickly and easily. With Magic Write, you can easily generate copy, blog outlines, lists, bio captions, content ideas, brainstorms, and more in seconds, simply by starting with a prompt. Magic Write is available in Canva Docs for 25 free queries or access additional queries with Canva Pro.

Magic Write is designed to turn a few keywords into quality content, whether it’s a cover letter, a greeting card, a blog, or anything in between. With Magic Write, you’ll never be short of an idea again, you can use it to list new ideas on a topic or outline topics for your blog. With Magic Write, you can move from an idea to editing in seconds, you can find the perfect words to add to any document or design, it magically transforms your idea into text, ready to tweak, refine, make your own, or collaborate on with others.

Canva Docs has been built with visuals at the forefront, it empowers you to create Design Blocks to focus your audience’s attention. You can use design blocks to make your design pop, then finish it off with the perfect AI-generated text. Canva Docs is powered by the same technology you know and love, including real-time collaboration. You can brainstorm, create, and fine-tune ideas with your team – all at the same time and get notified when you’re tagged in a Doc.

With Magic Write, you can work across every device, whether you’re at your desktop or traveling with your tablet or mobile device, brainstorm ideas and generate content with Magic Write whenever you need on a Canva doc. You can get additional queries for more copy inspiration with Canva Pro. Everything is in one place, you don’t need to jump between different apps as you workshop your ideas. You can move from brainstorming to polishing your copy, and keep your documents in the same place as the rest of your creative content. With Magic Write, teamwork is easier and more effective, you can design a springboard to launch your dream project and have fun along the way. Go from idea to drafting, editing, and collaboration all on one page as you stay across every change your team makes.

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