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Unique and delicious recipes based on the ingredients entered, and sends them to the user's email with just 3 clicks.


AutoDraw is a tool that uses AI to generate drawings from rough sketches.
Free! is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized bedtime stories for children, with option to customize the story and explore library of over 5000 stories created by the community.

Best Reasons Why

AI Tool that gives you 3 answers to any question that starts with a 'Best reasons why I should'. Feel free to be creative with question and results may be hilarious.
BlackInk is an AI tool that allows users to generate custom, unique tattoo designs based on their ideas and preferences.


Building conversational agents that can understand and respond to users in natural language.

Cool Gift Ideas

Come up with personalized gift ideas for anyone.
AI tool that helps people design and decorate their homes with 20 different styles.


Gift Box

GiftasticAI is a machine learning-based tool that analyzes online data, such as social media profiles, to generate gift ideas for friends and loved ones. While still in beta, it provides a starting point for gift inspiration, although its accuracy and results may vary.
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