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AI Helpers

Wide range of AI-based and human-provided services, such as writing coaches and editing, to improve various aspects of studying, working, and life with customizable knowledge-based toolkit.


Tool that can assist professionals in various industries with personalized and engaging content, ideas for new campaigns, decision-making, and efficient communication by answering questions and analyzing market trends and customer data.


Andi is a virtual writing assistant that uses AI to improve writing skills.
Free! is a tool that uses AI to extract structured data from unstructured text.
Awesome ChatGPT prompts is a curated collection of creative and engaging prompts for the ChatGPT model.


BFF is a chatbot platform for building and deploying conversational AI.


Building conversational agents that can understand and respond to users in natural language.
OpenAI's powerful language model for natural language processing

ChatGPT for Chrome

Free Chrome extension to generate entire emails and messages using ChatGPT AI.
Browser extension that uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to improve search engine results.
Tool Assistant