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tool that makes it easy to build multi-user Generative AI based applications, managing requests, user plans and security, and providing insights into your business with automatic analytics.

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Aigur AI allows developers to easily build multi-user Generative AI-based applications without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The platform makes it simple for users to manage requests, user plans and security, all through an intuitive visual interface.

One of the key features of Aigur AI is its robust plan management system. Users can easily manage and monitor usage plans, whether it be credit packages, subscriptions, or unlimited plans. The platform also grants and regenerates credits, limits usage over time, and allows for partial credit consumption.

Aigur AI’s easy backend allows developers to define their backend logic using a visual editor that is backed by code that can be edited. The platform also offers predefined pipelines to help cut down development time and allow developers to focus on the application’s logic.

Frontend development is also made easy with Aigur AI. The platform allows developers to authenticate users, handle job updates based on websockets, and cut development time by using Aigur’s prebuilt AI-focused component library for both web and mobile.

The Aigur AI toolkit also provides a simple API for managing user flows, making it easy for developers to integrate the platform into their existing infrastructure. Additionally, Aigur offers predefined integrations for popular Generative AI engines such as Automatic1111, Stability, DALLE2 and GPT3, as well as the ability to create custom pipelines.

Security is a top priority for Aigur AI, and the platform offers a variety of enforcement strategies such as mandatory signup, reCAPTCHA, email verifications, IP rate limit, geo-based limit and simple browser-based data.

To facilitate the development process even further, Aigur AI offers premade UI components and automatic analytics to gain insights into your business. Additionally, the platform saves all requests and their results for offline research and allows users to edit and rerun old requests.

Currently, Aigur AI is completely free while it is in Beta. The company plans on staying free for personal and hobby use with a generous free plan. For enterprise or commercial use, Aigur AI offers various pricing plans based on usage, with various level of package.

Overall, Aigur AI is an innovative tool that makes it easy for developers to create multi-user Generative AI-based applications. With its robust plan management system, easy backend, and prebuilt AI-focused component library, Aigur AI is a valuable tool for any developer looking to streamline the development process and create powerful, secure, and feature-rich Generative AI applications.

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