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Canva Image Generator is a powerful AI-driven image generation tool that allows users to turn text into stunning pictures that tell a story. With Canva’s free AI image generator app, users can add visual flavor to their designs in just a few seconds. The app, powered by Stable Diffusion, is easy to use and can be launched on Canva Apps, desktop, iOS, or Android.

When users can’t find the perfect images to add to their design, they can simply use the right words and watch them magically come to life. From sensible descriptions to whimsical ideas, the app can generate AI-generated images in a matter of seconds. The app is perfect for creating images for presentations or social media posts and allows users to quickly visualize their unique concepts or ideas.

Users can express themselves through the power of images with Canva’s Text to Image app. The app’s beta version supports English text, so users can describe objects, people, surroundings, or colors and the app’s AI art generator will quickly interpret and illustrate the text prompts. From never-before-seen pictures on the internet to complex images, the app can generate a wide range of options that users can place on their posters or storyboards.

The app offers a variety of style options, including Photo, Drawing, Painting, 3D, Pattern, and Concept Art. Users can create a lifelike rendering with a 3D style for a futuristic invitation, or use the AI art generator’s painting style to produce textured brushstrokes. For those who are not sure what style to go for, the app also offers a “Surprise Me” feature that generates a random style.

In addition to the style options, the app also offers a powerful photo editor and elements library. Users can cohesively tie their AI-generated images into their overall design by exploring the photo editor and elements library. They can modify brightness, adjust contrast, or play around with fun filters to instantly enhance their photos. The app also allows users to include texts with beautiful font combinations to caption their AI art and match it with other graphics such as frames, stickers, vectors, icons, and illustrations. Users can also make the design dynamic with the app’s animation options.

Creating with Canva’s Image Generator is both fun and safe. The app encourages users to pour in their creative juices and kickstart their concepts, ensuring that artful inspiration flows continuously. While users bring all the passion and excitement into their design, the app assures users that it never ends and gets dampened by harmful and unsafe content. The app has safety measures in place to ensure users can enjoy their creative pursuits and still exercise empathy and responsibility.

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Canva Image Generator
Canva Image Generator
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