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AI-assisted animation software for keyframe animation of humanoid or other characters.

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Cascadeur is a standalone software designed for 3D keyframe animation of humanoid or other characters. It is an AI-assisted animation software that makes the process of creating animation from scratch or editing an existing one easy and fun. With Cascadeur, animators can achieve realistic and natural motion while retaining full control at any point.

One of the key features of Cascadeur is its easy rigging process. Users can drag-and-drop joints of their character into the Quick Rigging Tool, which automatically generates the rig. This feature supports standard skeletons from popular platforms such as Daz3d, Character Creator, Mixamo, Unreal Engine, Metahuman, or, and even allows for custom rig creation for non-humanoid characters.

Cascadeur also offers an AI-powered intelligent rig, which helps users create poses faster and with more ease. Users can move the main control points, and the AI will automatically position the rest of the body. However, users always have the option to move any point to retain full control over the final result.

The AutoPhysics Tool is another useful feature that allows users to achieve realistic and natural motion while altering the animation as little as possible. The suggested animation is displayed on a green instance of the character, and users can easily snap it to their character once they are satisfied with the result.

In addition to these features, Cascadeur also has a dedicated tool for adding secondary motion, which allows users to customise the effect at any interval for any body-part separately. This feature helps bring animation to life by adding subtle shakes, bounces, and overlaps.

Cascadeur also offers a vast variety of animation tools such as Trajectories, Ghosts, Copy Tool, Tween Machine, IK/FK Interpolation, Graph Editor, Video Reference Import, Cameras and many more! The software is constantly updated and new features are added regularly to make it easy to use and accessible to all types of animators.

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