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AI Data SideKick is a powerful and versatile tool that uses AI algorithms to help data professionals work faster and more efficiently by providing them with a collection of AI-powered recipes such as query writer, SQL Fixer, Query Updater, SQL Query Optimizer, Question Suggestor and more.
Set of AI tools that can enhance and upscale images, increase resolution without losing quality, and offer various editing options like cropping, finetuning, filters, annotation and more.
Get answers to your queries related to software such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, InDesign.


AI tool that can compose music in various styles, such as Modern Cinematic, Electronic, Pop, and more, for use in games, films, and other projects.

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant tool that offers a variety of features to help musicians overcome writer's block and generate new ideas, with a free trial period, monthly subscription and pay as you go options.


Create end-to-end encrypted forms and surveys to protect their respondents' data and privacy. is a AI-powered writing assistant tool that uses GPT-3 for content generation, suggestions and brainstorming, and offers a simple text editor interface.

Browse AI

Extracts and monitors data from any website using pre-built robots with no coding required.
AI-assisted animation software for keyframe animation of humanoid or other characters.


An ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources that uses AI to enhance images and provide a unique workflow across popular tools and devices.


Generate short clips from YouTube videos, schedule them on social media, and grow your following.


Writing assistant that helps you become more productive and improve your coding speed
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