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An ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources that uses AI to enhance images and provide a unique workflow across popular tools and devices.

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ClipDrop is an ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources for creators, powered by AI. It allows users to cleanup, remove background, relight, upscale images, generate images from text, replace background, and remove text from images with incredible accuracy. The tool utilizes state-of-the-art AI and network communication to provide a unique, continuous workflow that “just works” on popular tools & devices like Photoshop, Figma, iOS and Android. This means that users can seamlessly integrate ClipDrop into their existing workflow and use its powerful features to enhance their images and designs. It’s perfect for photographers, designers, and digital artists who want to save time and improve their work. Additionally, ClipDrop also provides the ability to add super-power to all your favorite tools & devices by working hard to make sure that it’s available in the tools you already use, rather than adding another one.

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