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Create realistic images and artwork from text descriptions.

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DALL-E 2 is a revolutionary new AI system from OpenAI that creates realistic images and artwork from natural language descriptions.

This powerful tool combines concepts, attributes, and styles to generate original visuals that capture the imagination. DALL-E 2 can be used for many purposes, such as expanding images beyond their original canvases to create expansive new compositions. It can also make realistic edits to existing images from natural language captions, taking shadows, reflections, and textures into account.
Additionally, DALL-E 2 can vary an image to create different versions of it inspired by the original. Safety mitigations have been developed and improved upon over time in order to prevent misuse of the system. Content policies have been established to limit violent, hate-filled, or otherwise inappropriate images from being generated. Automated and human monitoring systems are in place to further guard against misuse.

OpenAI has released DALL-E 2 in beta so that users can take advantage of its powerful capabilities while learning more about its real-world applications. The company hopes that DALL-E 2 will help people express themselves creatively while also deepening our understanding of how advanced AI systems view the world we live in.

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