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Craiyon is an AI tool that can generate images from any text prompt. It can be used to generate illustrations, photorealistic images, and high definition visuals. Developed by Boris Dayma and Pedro Cuenca, Craiyon is a spinoff of the popular DALL·E mini model that was trained using Google TRC.

The model is free to use, but requires a lot of compute, so the team relies on ads and donations to pay for servers. If you are using this tool, it is recommended to be specific when entering text prompts, as this will help you get better results. Additionally, you can get inspiration from the community by checking out the creative tricks others have implemented.

In terms of limitations, the model was trained on unfiltered data from the Internet, so it may generate images that contain harmful stereotypes. The extent and nature of the biases of the DALL·E mini model have yet to be fully documented.

Craiyon offers an app for Android devices on Google Play Store, but there is currently no app available for iPhone as it requires more development.

If you wish to support Craiyon, you can offer feedback, bugs, and feature requests. Additionally, you may choose to donate to help keep the model free.

Overall, Craiyon is an AI model that can generate images from any text prompt. It is free to use and can be a great tool for inspiration, although further research is needed to analyze the potential biases of the model.

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