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AI Helpers

Wide range of AI-based and human-provided services, such as writing coaches and editing, to improve various aspects of studying, working, and life with customizable knowledge-based toolkit.
AI Time Machine™ is a fun and unique feature that offers users the ability to create stunning, hyper-realistic AI avatars of themselves in different time periods and themes.

AI Writer

Use artificial intelligence to make your writing easier and faster


Tool that helps to build unlimited SQL queries by providing pre-canned SQL queries, adding custom database schemas, and saving generated queries as snippets, supported by many different databases.


Tool that can assist professionals in various industries with personalized and engaging content, ideas for new campaigns, decision-making, and efficient communication by answering questions and analyzing market trends and customer data.


Altered AI is a voice-changing tool that allows users to create custom or curated voices for professional voice performances.
$37.00 is a tool that uses AI to extract structured data from unstructured text.


Autocode is a tool that uses AI to generate code from natural language input.
Automate and scale marketing efforts by auto-generating social media visuals, ecommerce banners and more, requiring no code.


Free! is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized bedtime stories for children, with option to customize the story and explore library of over 5000 stories created by the community.


Automated task-runner that helps you save time and increase your productivity
Tool Assistant