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DeepL Translate is an AI online translator that brings the power of machine learning to the world of translation. It is designed to help people quickly and accurately translate text and documents from one language to another. This powerful tool has a wide range of features, including 29 languages for text translation, .pdf, .docx and .pptx file support and a dictionary feature which allows users to click on a word to look up its meaning. DeepL also features DeepL Write, a writing tool which helps perfect grammar, punctuation mistakes and find the perfect tone of voice. What’s more, DeepL has desktop apps for both Windows and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, making it easy to access on the go. The system is incredibly accurate and nuanced when translating text from English into other languages like Spanish, French or Japanese. Several press outlets have praised DeepL’s accuracy when compared with Google Translate. In fact, some tests have shown that DeepL outperforms Google in Dutch-English translations. Overall, DeepL Translate is an impressive tool that provides accurate and nuanced translations with ease.

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